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Isa Kapi Mescidi (Monastery of Athanasios?)

Recently Th. Papazotos has suggested, based on textual evidence, that this Palaiologan basilica be identified as the monastery of the Patriarch Athanasios, rendering a date of ca. 1282-1289. As such it would be the earliest Palaiologan church in the capital.

Situated on the gorunds of a hospital, the Isa Kapi has been threatened by the hospital development, such as the cutting of an emergency entrance to the morgue, which has weakened the foundations to the south of the building. There has been some discussion of restoring the building to be used as a library for the history of medicine. The area in and around the Isa Kapi was cleared with a bulldozer in 1993, destroying much archaeological evidence, and it is presently off-limits to visitors. It would be interesting to know, for example, where the columns (seen in the photo of the nave) were found. Was the nave colonnaded or single-aisled?