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Hagia Sofia Image Gallery

Theres is little doubt that the Hagia Sophia Church in Istammbul is one of the most impressive buildings that comes to us from the ancient ages. Builtduring the rule of the Roman Emperor of Byzantium , Justinian I, it is dedicated to the Holy Wisdom. In present times, there are four minarets surroinding the church which converted to a mosque after the conquest of Constantinople by Turkish Sultan Mehmet II . Today the Hagia Sophia is a Turkish museum and its restoration is under the supervision of the Unesco. Although some of the mosaics that once populated its interior wall were plastered after the conquest of Constantinople by the turks, some of these wonderful mosaics can be even seen today. Following there are several images taken in my last visit to the Hagia Sophia in 1997.

Hagia Sophia, Interior main Dome.

Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia

The Virgin Mary Constantine I and Justinian I

Constantine I

Justinian I

John II and Empress Irene

Jesus Christ

Constantine IX and Empress Zoe

Romiosini Columns