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Eski Imaret Camii

At the Eski Imaret Camii (Christos ho Pantepoptes) the finely constructed late 11th century, cross-in-square church was subjected to an unauthorized renovation in 1990. In an attempt to alleviate a moisture problem in the building, the ground level was lowered along the east, south, and west flanks of the building. In addition, part of the broken minaret was removed, and the interior was replastered and painted. In the lowering of the ground level, hovels along the south side of the building were removed, so that a good view was finally possible from some distance. In addition, several pieces of Byzantine architectural sculpture were discovered, although their present whereabouts is not known.

The removal of the minaret uncovered a section of the exonarthex wall that had been covered since the 15th century, and this provided much information valuable information about the history of the building. It is clear now that the exonarthex was originally constructed in the Middle Byzantine period as an open portico, and it was only given its closed form in the Late Byzantine period. The wall surface also preserves some fine brick detailing that must be from the 11th or early 12th century.